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What is that ?

  Pollumination is a Mobile Game.




Use your special magnetic touch
bounce all colored pollens into charming flowers
make flowers bloom and shine

face evil Bosses and dispel the darkness

Welcome to the enchanted garden of Pollumination.

More than a simple game... a path to Illumination.

Imagine your deepest consciousness as a mazy and obscure dungeon.

In every darkest place of the universe there are little brighting lights, often in 'precarious equilibrium'.

Feeding shiny flowers of your inner consciousness with colored pollens, make them bloom in light and sweep away gloom.

Obviously there are also entropic spores, birth from evil sided mushrooms, pushing to darkness prevails.

Will you reach Illumination through 48 obscure lairs in this amazing journey ?




  Universal APP

available for iPad and iPhone

and Android.

Android app on Google Play

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